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Richard, after Cooking 101 with Kyrsten:
Please pardon my effusiveness, but damn! last night's class was a stellar introduction to smart cooking for me, and a redefinition of what knowledge transfer can be.
I've been a neighbor here in The Brewery for many years, and regret that last night was my first class at Hipcooks - but it certainly won't be my last. The opening section on knife skills was worth the fee by itself, but the rest of the evening was equally valuable and all of it immensely enjoyable.
Kyrsten is a gifted teacher.  I do quite a bit of training in computer programming, so I can appreciate the many things she brings to her work.  But her class last night was better than my best programming class, and her style has inspired me to refine the teaching I do to incorporate some of the engaging elements she employs.
I could probably go on for pages about the value of my class last night, but I'll save that energy for Facebook and Yelp comments about you.
Here let me just say that yours is one of the most excellent businesses I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and look forward to learning more at Hipcooks.
Congratulations on your successes thus far, and best wishes for even more as Hipcooks continues to grow.

What Lillian (Lil) had to say since our Knife Skills class:
"You may find this funny I started sharpening and cutting last night and wound up with about 2 gallons of chicken vegetable soup. My daughter is coming by today to take some home to her family. I will have to now curb my desire for cutting fresh vegetables. I do not want to even begin to think what will happen after taking the cooking classes. You are releasing the cooking demon in me."

Like the delicious dishes, all the instructions and information were great fun and easy to take in.  I always seek to learn only from the best.  So, looking forward to attending more classes and becoming a true Hipcookster.  Thanks again, My

Just a quick note to say what a wonderful time we had. Alyson was great. The food was great. Yeah! Marvin A

Thank you for the fantastic class you taught us on June 23-07 Cooking for One.  Everyone loved it, and many have practiced the recipes already - several of the dishes had already become family favorites. You are quite the natural teacher and we're glad you share all those unique creative food inspirations with your classes.  Once again, thank you, thank you!  Wendy J

"After having three great times at HipCooks, I can say that they are first fun, second, really good food and three, lots of "hip and cool people there to cook and dine with.  I have gone to Dessert, Thrill to Grill and Bastille Day classes and Monika and Bonny were fabulous in how they weave good instruction and class participation.  But mostly its fun, the food looks great and tastes wonderful." Craig C

Thanks Monika, I think Hipcooks could take over the world. Bigger than McDonald's! Looking forward to Hipcooks branded kitchen gear and ingredients, I think you could take this very far. I'm a pretty competent self taught griller, but I learned some very key things last night, as I expected. Tightened up my knife skills, will never marinate w/ salt again, and can judge the progress of my meat without puncturing w/ my trusty meat thermometer. All my best for your success and will be back soon. Jeremy P

Monika, I can't thank you enough for your class last night. I walked out beaming, not only feeling confident that I could re-create the meal, but lifted by your energy and enthusiasm. You create a wonderful environment for partcipation, learning and just having fun. I'm definitely recommending your class to friends, and I will certainly be back for more. Without a doubt, one of the coolest things I have done in a while. All the while I kept thinking that you have done quite a bit to make LA (a city so famous for its disconnectedness) more of a community. Thank you so much. Matt J

Monika, I am so excited that you are in your new space and that you are so excited about it! I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that after my friend and I attended your Healthy Fresh, and Zingy class we threw a little dinner party and made everything! We had a great time and everything actually turned out :) The fancy ying and yang soup was a BIG hit. Jodi M

Thanks again for a wonderful evening (and I am honored to be among the few inaugurating your new space!) What can I say? You're a splendid teacher, a very witty writer and a smashing hostess. I'm glad to see you're following your passions and am sure Hipcooks will be an enormous success. Jeff A

Monika, I had a great time--the best time I have ever had in a cooking class. I'm cooking some of the recipes this week. I will be back for more lessons... Thanks again. Marilyn

It was so nice to meet you. Your home and your graciousness were absolutely inspiring. Thanks again. Mayrav S

I just wanted to tell you that I love your classes! I really look forward to your classes - and your prices make the class a true gem! You are right in that cooking with fine ingredients makes me feel healthier than eating low-fat processed foods. Thank you!! Amy B 

Monika, You are a DREAM hostess! I'm literally overwhelmed by the calls and emails about what a great time everyone had and how much they learned at Carolyn's cooking class shower. You not only came through with a menu that pleased EVERYONE, (and surprised me!) but you pulled out all the stops and gave us your all. I cannot thank you enough. Warmest regards, Pinch L

thank YOU, monika! i'll definitely be back and tell all my friends. you are a great teacher, and i love your space. what a fun time. Lisa J

Thank you for a wonderful class. It was a perfect blend of instruction, education, presentation, lovely food & conversation. I can't wait to take another class. Kiersten R

Monika, You are a cooking Goddess! I want to thank you for creating Hipcooks - a class that's as fresh as the ingredients you use. The class is fun, yet intimate and the skills and knowledge you've given me are invaluable. I can finally look in a fridge and whip up a fabulous meal. Thanks to you, I have a basic understanding of which wines are a perfect match for different menus and I never thought I'd be able to put down a measuring device and go with my gut but now I can. You've given me confidence in the kitchen and for that I am forever in your debt. Yours in happy hipness, Kristina


Thanks very much for last night's class. It lived up to the advertising! I started to list the good things, but I will just say the entire experience was great. I will be looking for the recipes and signing up probably later today for more classes…thanks again! Vince


Thank you, Monika, for wonderful food and a wonderful time! I really enjoyed your recipes, the time you spent with us, and your obvious skill and knowledge in the kitchen that you shared. By the way, thanks to you, I've since cleaned my iron skillet properly, and have splurged on a quality knife for my kitchen - Sonya


My friends Patti and Danny wrote me an email saying they absolutely loved your class and it was such a treat that they ended up in the LA Times as well!! Patti's sister just told me the other day that she's had mushroom rissotto so many times that she now knows the recipe too!! :) Thank you. They had such a great time!! (I knew they would!)

Monika-Last nights class was tremendous. I had a great time and it was very educational. I'm looking forward to my next experience.Adam

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