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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: May 13, 2004

Hi Cooks!

The new schedule is up!  Check out for all details and to sign up.  Also, new classes have been added.  How do these summertime additions tickle your tastebuds?:

Healthy, Fresh and Zingy 3 - Supersize me! You guys can't get enough of the delicious, colorful healthy stuff, huh?  "Supersize me" gives you more, more, more! Menu: Hipcooks stylie spring rolls with beet, papaya and mint, rolled with sisho; Scallop, mango and lime ceviche; Salmon stuffed with oyster mushrooms and wrapped in rice paper with chive; Warm salad of roasted artichoke, new potatoes and pine nuts; For dessert, goat cheese tart (since you are being so healthy, splurge a little!)
The Thrill of the Grill  Are you intimidated by everyone’s favorite summertime stove?  No need!  Let's cook a delightful and delicious meal as light and flavorful as summer itself.  It's a snap!  Menu:  Gazpacho Andaluz with garlicky croutons; Grilled pork loin with a pomegranate glaze / grilled stuffed chicken with pomegranate sauce; Fruited and herbed tabbouleh; Grilled peaches stuffed with amaretto cream; Pinot Noir to drink. or should we make Sangria?  OK, both!
Thrill of the Grill 2 Yep, Thrill of the Grill 1 was amazingly delicious.  Let's fire up that grill again for some more amazing summertime delights! Menu: Andalusian garlic & almond soup; Grilled marinated ribeye with tapenade; Zuchini parcels stuffed with portobello mushroom, garlic, and basil;  Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

If you are new to Hipcooks, "A Romantic Dinner for 2" is a great place to start.  It is a knife skills class, and the menu rocks!

Here is the latest schedule until the last week of June. 

Click on any class on - schedules and descriptions to find a detailed description and menu of each class. 

Also, if you would ike to schedule a private class for you and your nearest and dearest, then drop me a line.  If there is a class your dying to take but can’t make the scheduled date then also email me.

Thursday May 20 The Surprise Guest
Friday May 21 Oh my God, dinner for 15 PEOPLE?!?
Monday May 24 A Romantic Dinner for Two
Wednesday May 26 The Thrill of the Grill
Thursday May 27 The Thrill of the Grill
Friday May 28 A Romantic Dinner for Two
Wednesday June 2 Healthy, fresh and zingy
Thursday June 3 The Thrill of the Grill
Tuesday June 8  Healthy, Fresh and Zingy 2
Thursday June 10 The Thrill of the Grill
Tuesday June 15 Healthy, Fresh and Zingy 3 - Supersize me!
Wednesday June 16 Una Noche en Espana - a Tapas Class
Thursday June 17 Healthy, Fresh and Zingy 3 - Supersize me!
Saturday June 19 Una Noche en Espana - a Tapas Class
Tuesday June 22 Thrill of the Grill 2
Wednesday June 23 Thrill of the Grill 2
Thursday June 24 Turning Japanese
Tuesday June 29 An elegant, intimate dinner party

Hope to see you!

Eat well, Be well,