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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: March 1, 2007

Hello Hipcooks!

Happy March!  In like lions....hear us roar:

  • The new calendar is up!
  • Artwalk, Artwalk, Artwalk....mark your calendars
  • Hipcooks Spring Cleaning series is underway!!
  • Free knife sharpening day and knife skills workshop by Wusthof
  • Hipcooks Class Recipe Contest ...ladies and gents, we have a winner

Out with lamb....check out "My Big Fat Greek Cooking Class" at the end of the month

The deets:

The new calendar is up!  So, you say that I sell out faster than a Madonna concert?  Well, hop to it, grasshopper, 'cause all the spring pickin's are here.  There are many classes to choose from. has all the details, so please check it!

The Brewery Artwalk is coming soon!  Mark your calendars:  the weekend of April 22 and 23rd.  What is artwalk?  Open studios here at the Brewery, the largest art colony in Ze Vorld.  Meaning, you can stroll, dine, marvel and giggle  - 300 studios here will be opening their doors to the public for one wacky weekend. Check it out, it is so much fun. has more info.
Hipcooks Spring Cleaning.  For those of you just tuning in, SpringCleaning is a series that we'll be offering on healthy, sustainable and allergy-free cooking.  This is a lifestyle choice, people!  And I am soooooooo delighted to announce your huge response!  With your marvelous input, Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselor Carey Peters and I will be lauching this series beginning in May.  The votes are in, and we'll be kicking off the series with sessions focused on Gluten (wheat) and Dairy Free Cooking. I am not posting classes yet because I still need to confer with those who have been giving me input.  Want to be in on the conversations or the classes?  Send me an email with "Spring into Life!" in the subject line.  (PS...cleansing and raw foods to follow this summer.)

   Hooray!  Two things.... One of the artwalk days will be also devoted to a free bring "bring your knife in and we'll sharpen it" session.   Because it makes me giggle like having you guys run around Artwalk with sharp knives.  Second thing:  Wusthof intensive knife workshop.  Come to learn how to choose, sharpen, care for and of course cut with a whole range of kitchen knives.  This will be given by Wustof at Hipcooks on April 28th, 2 sessions.  11am - 2pm, and 2pm - 4pm.  No minors.  $35
To sign up for a session:  hit the sign me up button on the calendar for one of the sessions on that day.  Click gift certificate, and write in "2CUT".  I will send you payment instructions.

Win a Hipcooks Class Recipe Contest
  Jessica Emerson-Fleming, come on down!  You win a cooking class!  Here's how she did it:

Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry with Tofu, for 2!

Peel and cut 1 large sweet potato and cut into cubes (about 1 inch).  Steam until soft but not mushy.  Slice some extra firm tofu into same-sized cubes.  Peel and slice a large yellow onion and sautee in olive oil until translucent.  Add a nice-quality curry powder (Or come to Shortcut to Nirvana and make your own curry!) and some salt.  Sprinkle a teaspoon of flour over the onions and whisk to coat the onions with flour.  Still whisking, slowly add a can of coconut milk (low fat works, here).  Cook over medium heat and let bubble, stirring occasionally.  The mixture will thicken a bit!  Stir on sweet potatoes and tofu, heat through, and give thanks to Jessica as you enjoy!

She likes to serve this with sticky rice, but brown rice is nice.  With a little mango and a salad, you are home free.  Fab with Gerwurtz or Reisling, or Viognier!

Eat Well, Be well.