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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: October 6, 2006

Happy fall, chefs!

I got 3 announcements, so I'll be quick!

Oh My God, Cooking for 15 People is on for this Thursday, and has room.  This is one of the coolest classes, ever.  Knife skills to start.  AMAZING Moroccan-inspired chicken.  You make your own warm chocolate tartlette for dessert.  Need I say more?  Oh, with raspberry whipped cream.  I just did.  So sign on up, pronto!

Endless Summer Salads
- I know they are endless, but the last of this killer tomato class will be Oct 16.  One of my faves, don't miss it!

Hot Soup Focus Group is back!  Now that the weather is turning, you'll need some delicious soup to warm your belly on cold nights.

I Ain't No Turkey, the class that teaches you Hipcooks twists on classic Thanksgiving faves, shows you how to be a no-stress Thanksgiving host.  Pumpkin souffle with cognac cream, need I say more?

Cocktails 2:  Holidaze - the perfect Holiday Party Cocktails class.  Think "Cocktails" #2, but with holiday drinks and the most festive of nibbles.

A Fall Brunch did you love our original brunch class?  Well, we decided to trump ourselves:  the perfect bloody mary, pommegranate tea, chevre-suffed grapes with pistachio, black forest ham and poached egg cups with hollandaise, smoked salmon potato pancakes and hazelnut, lemon ricotta cake for dessert.  Don't you just love brunch?

The Singles' Classes is Up!  Nov 4th, Cocktails.  I am changing the requirements.  You can sign up on your own. Hope to it, grasshoppers!

  • Artwalk is THIS WEEKEND!
Open studios here at the Brewery - see people's artwork, their spaces, enjoy the stroll.  Tons of fun.  Sat & Sun, 11 - 6pm.  Come on down, pick up your cutting board if you have not yet done so.  I'll also have my fave kitchen tools for sale for your nearest & dearest.  If you have yet to check out Hipcooks, this is a great (but crazy) opportunity to see and taste.  We'll all be cooking up a storm here - Tapas, Sushi, Cookies (but not all together, 'cos that would be yucky.)  More info on Art and Walking at
  • Hipcooks Name this Class Contest - We have a winner!
THANKS SO MUCH for making me laugh and laugh.  I loved your entries and I received a million of them.  (For those of you new to the newsletter, I had a naming contest for my new Italian class.)

So, the winner?
Well, could it be one of these?
Italian Scallions
Under The Tuscan Tongue

Give 'Em The Boot
Nope!  Although I LOVE them.  You three are the runner's up and will get a pressie when I see you next a Hipcooks.  Nice Job.

And the winner is.........  Veni, Vidi, Vici!
Carol, I love it!  I came, I saw, I conquered.  Just how I want all of you to feel when you come to a class at Hipcooks.  Inspired, delighted, and confident to make marvelous creations in the kitchen.  Oh, and I guess the other reason why I like that name so much is because we said drypan it a lot as kids.  As in "how was school today?"  And we'd say "Veni, vidi, vici".  "Did you stop by the market?" "Veni, vidi, vici" Little family joke.

Want to see some more totally great entries?

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Eat well, Be well,