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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: September 13, 2006

Happy fall, chefs!

This is the newsletter you want to read.  This is so chocka-blocka full of info you might like to take it segment at a time.  Oh, boy, do I have goodies for you:
The new schedule is up!  Sept, Oct, Nov and into December classes are all posted! This way, I could fit all your class requests.  Click on to see details and to sign up!
Thrill of the Grill  - cry big tears! the last grilling class of the season will be Oct 10th

Endless Summer Salads - I know they are endless, but the last of this killer tomato class will be Oct 16.  One of my faves, don't miss it!

Dim Sum and then Some - a new class!  All your dim sum faves, with a Hipcooks twist.

Hot Soup Focus Group is back!  Now that the weather is turning, you'll need some delicious soup to warm your belly on cold nights.

Brown Baggin' It Sick of eating yucky, bad for you & expensive cafeteria food?  I'll shop the farmer's market on Sunday morning for ingredients and we'll meet that afternoon to cook your lunches for the rest of the week.  I'll supply the Tupperware, you bring the willpower not to eat all your lunches before Friday! 

I Ain't No Turkey, the class that teaches you Hipcooks twists on classic Thanksgiving faves, shows you how to be a no-stress Thanksgiving host.  Pumpkin souffle with cognac cream, need I say more?

Cocktails 2:  Holidaze - the perfect Holiday Party Cocktails class.  Think "Cocktails" #2, but with holiday drinks and the most festive of nibbles.

A Fall Brunch did you love our original brunch class?  Well, we decided to trump ourselves:  the perfect bloody mary, pommegranate tea, chevre-suffed grapes with pistachio, black forest ham and poached egg cups with hollandaise, smoked salmon potato pancakes and hazelnut, lemon ricotta cake for dessert.  Don't you just love brunch?

Singles' Classes are Up!  November 3 & 4 is reserved for singles.  On Friday, Nov 3:  Turning Japanese & on the 4th, Cocktails.  What a singles class means:  you are single & you bring 1 lovely friend of the opposite sex who is also single & for some weird reason you think of as your sibling & wouldn't date.  Voilà!

Mark your calendars for Artwalk
October 7th and 8th.  Open studios here at the Brewery - see people's artwork, their spaces, enjoy the stroll.  Tons of fun.  Sat & Sun, 11 - 6pm.  Come on down, pick up your cutting board if you have not yet done so.  I'll also have my fave kitchen tools for sale for your nearest & dearest.  If you have yet to check out Hipcooks, this is a great (but crazy) opportunity to see and taste.  We'll all be cooking up a storm here - Tapas, Sushi, Cookies (but not all together, 'cos that would be yucky.)  More info on Art and Walking at
Hipcooks Name this Class Contest
OK, so if you have made it this far in the newsletter you deserve a reward!  Here it is....I have another new class on the calendar: the yummiest of Italian classes I have been dying to do.  Seared squid salad, Osso Bucco with Polenta, Tiramisu.  But it needs a name!  (a fun, Italiany, Hipcooks-style name.)  You come up with it, and the class, which has been scheduled for Oct 30th, is yours for free!  Badda-bing, badda-bang!  (Which is incedentally Jenny's entry for a class name, so beat that!)

Eat well, Be well,