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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: July 6, 2009

Jumping Junebugs, Hipcooks!  The newsletter has arrived with these tasty treats:

  • the new schedules are posted
  • gluten-free survey results are IN
  • take Hipcooks classes for free when you sign up to be an assistant
  • a gluten-free cake recipe for you!

The new schedules are posted!  Here are the schedules for Portland, West LA and East LA.
We have awesome new Weber grills fired up and ready for summer!  All studios have Thrill of the Grill classes posted!  Father's Day Grill classes are posted at East LA.  Oh yes, there will be BEER!

Bastille Day is July 14th - come to Paris class with your berets, mustaches and best French accents!  Summer Cocktails class are up in LA - and I am looking for a fab bartender in Portland to host the bar section of the class with me up here, so spread the word!

Gluten-Free survey results.
  Thank you to all who participated and many thanks to  Gluten-Free Portland for running the survey!  Here are the results (note % do not add up to 100% because multiple responses were allowed.  The next step:  I will take these results and post the class in all locations.  I will post the date in the July newsletter!  (Sorry you have to wait - good things take time.  Below is a recipe for you to try in the meantime!)
What led you to become gluten-free?   
Dietary restriction    33%
Health    37%
Celiac    40%
To support family members or kids    18%
What gluten-free info would you like to learn more about?
Gluten-free resources    41%
Guidelines and restrictions    20%
Alternative grains     54%
What does gluten-free actually mean?    14%
Specific menus    49%
How-to instructions for cooking GF    61%
What gluten-free foods would you like to learn how to make?
Meals for kids    11%
Breakfast    32%
Meals for the family    39%
Meals for the solo diner    46%
Meals on the go    68%
Fun/inventive meals    55%
Breads/Baking    58%
Desserts    57%
Snacks    48%
Are you also dairy-free?   
Yes    28%
No    50%
Somewhat - I can have butter    24%
OK in baked goods    10%
Are you also vegetarian/vegan?   

Yes vegetarian    16%
Yes vegan    7%
No    78%

What are your challenges?
By far, most people found eating out to be a challenge, as well as finding good breads/bread substitues.  So I will certainly address both of these issues in class!

A call for Assitants:  Wanna take Hipcooks classes for free?  We'll trade you when you sign up to be an assistant!  Simply email for more info.  Please state your preferred location.

Here is a Gluten-Free cake that is totally fabulous.
Non-gluten free people will enjoy this so much, please try it!  (I know I have posted this before so sorry to repeat!  There are new Hipcooks out there that need to know this recipe...)
Orange and Almond Cake

2 large oranges
6 free range eggs, beaten
1 1/3 cups sugar
2 cups ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder
1 tub mascarpone cheese, if desired
Grand Marnier (optional)

Wash and scrub the oranges before boiling them whole in enough water so that they are well covered. Boil and then simmer for about ½ an hour until they are completely soft. Cool, cut in half and remove the seeds. Put them in a food processor and blend to a puree.

Heat the oven to 375; butter a 9-½ inch baking tin, ideally a spring form tin. Beat the eggs with the sugar until they are well mixed and pale, then fold in the baking powder, ground almonds and oranges until evenly combined.

Pour mixture into tin and bake for about an hour until firm to the touch. (Cook a little longer if the cake seems too moist for your liking.) Cool completely before dusting with powdered sugar. To make a yummy accompaniment, serve (or top the cake) with mascarpone, yogurt or crème fraiche, beaten with a little powder sugar, vanilla and/or grand marnier, or orange zest. Top with sliced oranges and sprinkle with almond flakes.  Or, drizzle with melted chocolate, you rascals!

Eat well, Be well,