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Gift Certificates
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Hipcooks Gift Certificates are available for your nearest and dearest. You can put any amount you like on the card, they are always (and only) applied to classes we offer at any Hipcooks location. The recipient simply signs up for any available class, provides the Gift Certificate number and "voilà" we're cooking! The certificates do not expire and will be worth the value paid until used in full. Loads of classes are offered and class calendars are updated on the first of each month with plenty of new classes. 

You choose the delivery method: we can email a PDF of the gft certificate, or we can send a darling little Gift Certificate Card to whatever address you provide (but give us 5 business days to process).

IMPORTANT! We will email the Gift Certificate to the Recipient (immediately). If you do not wish them to receive the PDF, please provide their name but use YOUR email address in the Recipient Email field.  Do not provide their email address.  You will receive a PDF of the card and then YOU can print and give the card, or forward the email when you like.

Gift certificates are not refundable but may be applied toward any class, and they do not expire! Please note, GCs are redeemable for new class purchases only, and are not exchangeable for cash or for items in our retail store.)

Use the form below to get giving!!


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